Every set of tires you buy from RNR comes with the RNR Advantage. It’s our lifetime service guarantee that keeps saving you money long after you leave the tire shop. It starts with free mount and balance, free locks and lugs, free valve stems and TPMS install. Then, you’ll enjoy free lifetime flat repair, tire rotation and wheel balance. For as long as you own your tires! The RNR Advantage helps you keep your tires properly maintained, and improves your safety, your comfort and your gas mileage. To get you the best value by a mile.


Service OfferCost at Other StoresCost at RNR
Tire inspection$ 19.99FREE
Alignment check$ 79.99FREE
Mount and balance
(set of tires)
$ 79.99FREE
Flat repair$ 24.99FREE
Shop supplies
(tire installation)
$ 19.99FREE
Shop supplies
(custom wheel installation)
$ 49.99FREE
Nitrogen$ 59.99FREE
Road hazard tire replacement
(Restrictions apply- Nexen only)
$ 59.99FREE
Lifetime rotation and balance
(Every 6,000 miles)
$ 599.99FREE
Lugs & Locks
(custom wheel installation)
$ 79.99FREE
Roadside assistance
(Tire road hazard- Nexen only)
$ 119.99FREE
TPMS service$ 119.99FREE
TIA Certified
Installation Techs
Parts and Service
Lifetime Guarantee
Savings based on the average life of tires: 60,000 or 4 years.