Why You Should Monitor Hard Braking and Acceleration

Why You Should Monitor Hard Braking and Acceleration

Teenage male drivers are among the worst in the world. They drive hard and fast, take risks that most wouldn’t behind the wheel, and tend to race. That’s the reason their insurance premiums are so high; they are dangerous on the road and get into more accidents than other groups. Data and trends are tracked to find this information and put it to use. Driving any vehicle hard tests its durability and safety in ways that it isn’t used to. This is the reason why you should monitor hard braking and acceleration: to preserve your car and safety.

Puts Unnecessary Strain on the Car

Every time you stomp on the accelerator, you are putting strain on the engine. When the fuel injectors open and flood the cylinders with gas, everything fires harder and faster. The pistons pump, pressure on the seals builds up, the crankshaft spins fast, and on and on. Doing that once isn’t a big deal, but if that’s how you drive every day, your motor won’t last long. Those high speeds also put wear on the tires and brakes. When you hit the brakes hard, the pads get smaller and will need replacing sooner. Driving hard is going to cost money eventually.

Increases the Risk of an Accident

Aggressive driving is just begging for an accident. High-speed driving and weaving through traffic put everyone on the road at risk. While you are watching what’s ahead of you, not everyone is watching what’s going on behind them. All it takes is for one person to change lanes; you touch bumpers, then two cars are rolling down the highway. Slow down and drive with the pace of traffic. If they are going slower than normal, you should too.

Wasting Fuel

The price of gas varies from place to place, but it’s not cheap. For the average American, owning a car is part of life, so there will always be fuel costs. Burning fuel from racing through traffic means more money in the tank. If that’s where you want to spend, then have a ball, but it’s more fun to spend money on a night out than in transportation costs.

Nobody Cares

In the end, no one is impressed by your loud pipes and how fast you can drive. While it might be fun to stomp on the gas and hear the engine roar, your fellow motorists are rolling their eyes. Some may argue the main reason why you should monitor hard braking and acceleration is so you don’t look like a fool on the road.

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