Flat Tire Repair

An improperly repaired tire may fail when driven at high speed causing loss of vehicle control.

Flat or damaged tires need to be repaired by qualified personnel.

Almost any sharp object on the road can cause a flat tire. We repair tire tread punctures up to 1/4″ in diameter. We do NOT recommend repairing larger punctures or punctures to the tire’s shoulder and sidewall.

Do not attempt to repair the tire while it is still connected to the wheel.

You must inspect the inside of the tire for hidden damage or risk weakening the tire. Punctures in the tread area may damage a greater area of the tire like the inner sidewall. Without removing the tire, it’s hard to see all the damage.

Proper tire repair is critical and any puncture or injury to a tire will affect its performance. If you have any questions regarding your tire’s condition, we’ll be glad to inspect them for you.

Free Flat Tire Repair

We will repair your flat tire(s), free of charge, for all RNR customers. If your tire(s) cannot be repaired we will review your options with you.

What To Do When You Have a Flat Tire

Having a flat tire always presents its own set of problems, but experiencing a flat tire or a tire blowout while on the road can present special dangers. Here are some tips we recommend you follow when you are dealing with tire trouble:

  • Park Your Vehicle in a Safe Location

    Pull off the roadway, away from traffic and find a safe parking destination.

  • Arrange to Have Your Vehicle Towed

    We will be happy to help you find a reliable tow service to get your vehicle towed to one of our store locations. Be sure to stay with your vehicle until the tow truck arrives.

  • Or, Exchange Your Flat Tire for Your Spare Tire

    Only do this yourself if you are a safe enough distance from traffic and are comfortable changing your tire yourself. Be sure to check your spare tire with an air pressure gauge first. If the spare tire is also flat, do not attempt to drive on it.

  • Make an Appointment at a RNR Tire Express Location

    Locate your nearest RNR Tire Express location by visiting our store locator. Give them a call to make a tire repair appointment.

  • Assess the Tire Damage

    We will examine your tire to determine if it is repairable.

  • Determine if the Tire Can be Repaired or Has to be Replaced

    If your tire is repairable we will repair your tire, free of charge, regardless of where it was originally purchased. If the tire cannot be repaired we will be sure to review your options with you.

Schedule service using the link below or call a store near you for assistance.

*Some services not available at all locations.  See store for details.